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Car Care

Leaders: Larry and Linda Strite

Car care is a bi-annual event where we offer a free oil change to families in need. Events are usually scheduled in the spring and fall. Volunteers are needed for hospitality and automotive service. More details will be available as each event is scheduled.   The Fall Oil change is scheduled for September 9, 2017.  If you need your oil changed or know someone who does, please call our church office to schedule an appointment.


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Good News Baking Club

Leader: Debby Spielman

Our baking club is for elementary age students who want to learn how to bake, have a lot of fun, and learn God’s Word. Stay tuned for the next Baking Club.  Call the church at 477-0278 to reserve your spot.  All kids welcome!



Family Fall Fest

Family Fall Fest is our annual carnival style outreach to the families in our area. We offer games, food, petting zoo, bounce house, and more. Lots of fun and everything is free.  See you October 21, 2017!