Our elementary programs minister to children K-5th grade.  Our mission is to offer a fun and inspirational experience for your child while teaching Biblical truths. KidZone is our Sunday morning children’s church.

All of our volunteers have had background checks.

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Life Community Church KidZone wants to help your child to get to know God in a personal way.  We use the God given desire to have fun and question life to empower kids to develop an understanding that God loves them unconditionally and wants them to be all that he has created them to be! Your children will begin their morning with you in the musical portion of our service and will be dismissed to their classes as one group. There will be times when we will divide into smaller discussion groups.

There is a sign in sheet in the back of the sanctuary on the information table for you to sign them in and to let us know if there are any special concerns that we may need to be aware of.

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T.S.I. stands for Truth Seekers Investigators! This is our Sunday morning Kindergarten – 2nd grade group.  They are called the Investigators because they will focus on investigating the truths of God.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.17.30 PM T.S.R.

T.S.R. stands for Truth Seekers Revelators! This is our Sunday morning  3rd – 5th grade group.  They are called the revelators because they will focus on revealing the knowledge they have in the truths of God through service opportunities.

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We use the Workshop Rotation Model (WoRM) for our children’s church classes.  We keep the focus on a God motivated perspective. We have eight different workshops to appeal to your child. Our rotations utilize three to four workshops per month. One lesson is taught for consecutive Sundays.  Each student will visit a different workshop each Sunday enabling them to engage in the lesson in different ways each time. This helps to allow the students to learn the lesson in their own learning style.  Some children learn by hearing, some by hands-on activities, some by active movement and some by reading and writing. We endeavor to utilize all learning styles for better retention of the lesson.

Some examples of our workshops are crafts, such as woodworking, clay, mosaics, sand art; creative writing, review games, science experiments, cooking, dramas, puppets, and history and cultural study of biblical times. These workshops encourage your child to be actively engaged in the lessons.


Every January, our kids recommend and then vote on a charity that we will support. They even set the goal  amount they want to give as a group. This year we are supporting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. All of our offering will be donated at the end of the year.